Frida Kahlo Theatrical Play – El Bus de Frida

Date: July 19

Time: 10 am – 11:30 am

Location: PG&E Center Stage

The California State Fair Fine Arts Program is proud to bring El Bus de Frida on Friday, July 19th, 2024 at 10:00am – 11:30am.  The production is in celebration of the life of Fine Artist Frida Kahlo who lived from July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954 as we recognize her cultural and historic contribution to the visual arts. El Bus con Remos, a bus with oars that allow it to travel across oceans, is a Latin American education and entertainment show which combines theatre, music, dance, poetry, and magical realism on the stage.

Frida Kahlo headshot

Under this umbrella concept, El Bus de Frida was born and created. El Bus de Frida is a unique experience celebrating the life of a one-of-a-kind woman and artist, Frida Kahlo, who revolutionized the way women artists were recognized and accepted in society for their portrayal of their lives in the works of art they painted. El Bus de Frida delights not only in this iconic trailblazer as its guide, but in many more artists. As Frida leads the audience of Bus de Frida through a tour of the Americas, she pays tribute to women from both Latin America and the United States who have set a standard in music, politics, art, and social justice, from the early 1900s through today.

The many flavors of Latin America are expressed through artists representing Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Central America, Brazil, and Mexico. But Frida, during the journey of her life, visited the United States and fell in love with Jazz. There’s no better artist to invite onto the bus than the very “Queen of Jazz,” Ella Fitzgerald.

The artists who take the stage are versatile and understand the importance of not only entertaining but also educating the audience as to the origins and history of the music they perform.

The bus doesn’t just navigate on its own, it has a dedicated driver (the narrator) who engages with the performers and the audience to make it an immersive and participatory experience, one that our show’s attendees talk about long after. On this special occasion, Frida Kahlo, herself, is the bus conductor. Frida will travel the Americas in the iconic Bus con Remos, in her own delightful style, making stops in different countries to meet the women and learn about them and their work.

Meet the Cast!

Woman Headshot

Raquel Ruiz

Woman Headshot

Lorena Rodriguez

Character: Frida Kahlo
Woman Headshot

Monica Naisztein

Character: Eva Peron
Woman singing

Marcia Jacomo

Character: Elis Regina
Woman singing and playing guitar

Veronica Flores

Character: Violet Parra
Woman singing

Andrea Jaramillo

Character: Toto La Momposina
Woman Headshot

Crisia Regalado

Character: Maria Jose Morales
Woman Headshot

Teresa Torres

Character: Consuelo Velazquez
Woman Headshot

Patricia Maccari

Character: Chabuca Granda
Woman Headshot

Monica Crooks

Character: Ella Fitzgerald
Man Headshot

Requinto Aldo Hidalgo

Musician: Guitar
Man playing violin

Giorgi Khokhobasvili

Musician: Violinist
Man headhsot

Doug Matson

Musician: Pianist