California State Fair Exhibits

Strung sign on a wooden wall

Rustic Charm Marketplace Exhibit

Apply to our Rustic Charm Marketplace! Sell your "rustic" Knick-knacks. It all starts here.

High Speed Rail Exhibit

From Construction to Operation of the nations first High Speed Rail

Candy Maze Selfie Exhibit

This maze-like exhibit winds through 14 candy-themed photo stations!

California Fresh Exhibit

Learn about the state’s diverse specialty crops with a fun interactive exhibit!

Fine Art & Photography Exhibit

Explore the greatest forms of CA visual arts during the State Fair!

Student Showcase & CA Crafts Exhibit

A platform where students and artists display their work in a distinguished exhibition!
painting of orange flowers framed and hung at cal expo ca state fair art gallery exhibit

The Art Hub Exhibit

The Expo Center Building 8 has transformed into a captivating place for fine art, offering a unique space for artistic expression.

California Cannabis Exhibit

Featuring a curated showcase celebrating California’s cannabis industry.
Chef Cooking Challenge at Save Mart California's Kitchen

Save Mart California’s Kitchen

From amateurs to professionals, check out all of the cooking challenges.
honey bar

Taster’s Row

Booths of California's most outstanding commodities with education and sampling.
Info Coming Soon

Wild Things Conservation Ambassadors

Wildlife, storytelling, and the conservation of some of the planet's most unique animals.
Info Coming Soon

Animation Academy

Organize story boards, sketch, color, and explore the fascinating careers in animation, using the latest gadgets.
Authors standing behind a booth and meeting readers while doing book signings.

California Authors Booth

Meet the authors who call California home.
Camp Smokey exhibitors smiling at a table

Camp Smokey

Learn how YOU can prevent wildfires!
Stamped Envelopes

United States Postal Service Booth

Stop by to purchase a commemorative Fair post card!
Kid on tree

Tree Circus

Climb vertical ropes and see climbing demonstrations from professional arborists!