Cavalcade of Horses

This year, the Horse Arena is packed with amazing shows throughout the day!

Capital City Equestrian Aerialist

Capital City Equestrian Aerialist will join us at the 2022 CA State Fair & Food Festival.

These daring athletes on silks, straps, and Lyra, will blend with the beauty of both, the Lusitano Iberian Horse and the Dutch Silver Friesian. Together, the two intertwine to be magical!

Aerialist in the air
Olympius Dream Team

Olympius Dream Team

This incredible compilation of acrobats on horseback, aerialists, jugglers, trick riders, dressage riders, dancers, fire artists and more come together nightly to perform shows that bring characters to life! Shows being performed in 2022 include Pirates of the Pacific, Marti Gras Around the World, Heroes v. Villains, A Tale as Old as Time and The Greatest Showman.

Mama’s & Babies

Nothing is as exciting as seeing a new Filly or Foal out playing and showing off with their Mama. Come join in on the excitement and see these babies out playing and learn all about them with Kim Cristoni.

mamas & Babies calvacade of horses
Breed Parade

California Classic Breed Parade

Join us for an educational hour as we present a parade of horses and educate the public on each breed. Riders will be dressed in either traditional of discipline attire.

Nu Balance Vaulters

Are you wondering how those highflying acrobats on horseback get their start? Then this is the show for you! Check out these novice and preliminary acrobats on horseback, the youngest just turned 5. Catch one of their shows performing Frozen or The Galloping Gatsby’s.

Nu Balance
Drill Team

Drill Teams & The National Anthem

Join us nightly as we set off our evening performances with the National Anthem and a high-speed drill team!

Pirate Ponies

A fun interactive segment for the public. Kids are invited to come and paint a pony, braid a tail, meet and interact with a horse.

Pirate Ponies


Vintage Buckle Series



Vintage Buckle Series

Riders from the Cavalcade of Horses will come together to compete and educate the public on various equestrian sports while competing for selection of vintage belt buckles. Disciplines include gymkhana, trail, English, western, and jumping.

Mermaid Cove

Bring the kids down for this interactive event that corresponds with our Pirate Kids Kove, kids play area. There will be a mermaid out to pass out stickers and other treasures, read storybooks, and take photos. The Pirate Kids Kove is set up all day, so feel free to stay and relax in the shade after the mermaid goes back to the Sea and enjoy the interactive fun for your kids.

Mermaid Cove
Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

Riders from the Cavalcade arena will be out to meet with the public, talk about their horses, their breeds, and their disciplines.

Turn ‘N Burn Trick Riders

You won’t want to miss these high speed acrobats doing tricks as their horse fly around the rails of the arena. You’ll want to make sure your kids aren’t standing on the fence rails for this show!

Trick Riding