Clear Bag Policy

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California Exposition and State Fair will enforce a Clear Bag Policy to reduce security screening interactions and expedite entry to Fairgrounds.

Guests can carry in blankets and jackets as long as they are readily available for screening at entry.

Guests can bring in parental bags as long as they are readily available for screening at entry.

Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection and screening.

See below for frequently asked questions.

Clear Bag Policy


Absolutely! Parental bags are allowed as long as they are readily available for screening at entry.

The clear bag is only required to enter through Security. Once you are through the gate and into the Fairgrounds, you are welcome to buy a larger bag.

You can even bring in a foldable empty non-clear bag into the Fair in your clear bag. Once you enter the Fairgrounds, you can use your larger non-clear bag to hold all of your shopping items!

Did you know that you can also enter and exit multiple times? You can have your hands stamped for in & out privileges to the Fair and can leave some of your shopping haul in your car and then return to the Fair.  Please note that Cal Expo is not responsible for theft or damages to cars.

Absolutely! Coolers or ice chests can be brought into the Fair as long as they are attached to a wagon or a stroller, and are readily available for screening at entry.

You are welcome to enter with a non-clear clutch with a wrist strap no larger than 5″x8″ or a non-clear clutch with a shoulder strap no larger than 5″x8.”

Alternatively, you are welcome to have your empty purse in your clear bag for entry, and then after you enter through security you can place your items in your purse for the remainder of your Fair visit.

Absolutely! You can bring more than one bag as long as it meets our standard clear bag policy.

Absolutely! The reusable bag must be empty upon arrival within your clear bag. After entering the fair grounds, you are able to use your reusable bag for shopping or any other purposes.