Aldo Hidalgo

Aldo Hidalgo (Hidalgo Requinto)

Musician: Guitar

A native of Guadalajara Jalisco Aldo began his musical studies at the age of 13, following the example set by his father and brother who were both musicians. He graduated from the university of Guadalajara with a bachelor’s degree in music. He played a diverse and ample repertoire at the Hilton Guadalajara for 20 years. He was honored to accompany exceptional artists, many of which were guests at Televisa Guadalajara in the show “Noche a Noche” with CARLOS CUEVAS as its conductor. The show was on the air for 12 years. In Sacramento where he arrived 2 years ago, he has become the most to go Requinto player for his uniqueness to interpret the instrument and his versatility.