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Stationed in the judging room, Clerks will be assigned to one panel of judges, capturing their scores and inputting their comments into a laptop and making sure their needs are met. You will be seated majority of the time.
Communication teams are stationed in both the judging room and the pouring room. In the pouring room, you communicate with the Pouring Captain and Steward Captain to ensure wine is delivered to the judges in a timely manner. In the judging room, you communicate with the Chief Judge to resolve issues; keep record of wine being delivered; and communicate with the pouring room to ensure wine continues to be poured and delivered in a timely manner.
Data teams are stationed in both the judging room and the pouring room. They validate the accuracy of scores entered into the computer system. In some cases, data entry may also be required. Tasks will also include “running” paperwork between buildings and delivering repour orders.
Glasses team collects used glasses and transports them to the dish washing station for cleaning. They set up clean glasses in the judging room and the pouring room
This is a highly mobile position. Panel Assistants set up the tables as needed each day including tablecloths, judge name placards pencils and other supplies. Tasks also include preparing and setting out the condiments for the judges, as well as clearing the judge’s tables of wine glasses and replenishing the judge’s water and condiments when needed.
Stationed in the pouring room, Pourers open bottles, label glasses, pour the wines into glasses and move them on to trays in a specific order. This is a stationary task, heavy lifting may be involved, and you will be standing a lot.
Stewards transport the poured wines in wine glasses on a cart from the pouring room to the judging room and place the wines on the tables in front of the judges. You will be relied upon to be attentive to the pace of your judges and to be alert when they are ready for their next flight of wines.


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