Livestock Judge Allen Mesick

Allen Mesick – Huntington Beach, California

Angora & All Other Fiber Goats

Allen Mesick (Eureka! Mohair Farm) previously bred and showed white and natural colored angora goats for over 20 years in central California. He’s also an ARBA rabbit judge and has judged across the United States and internationally.  Allen is finishing a master’s degree in International Apparel Merchandising and Management from CalPoly Pomona where his interests focus on the agricultural side of apparel, specifically the integration of natural colored fiber as a no-dye alternative in the growing sustainable fashion movement. His thesis is developed around natural colored mohair samples collected from the goats he worked with and loved for more than 20 years. Professionally, Allen is the supervisor of the agriculture education programs at Centennial Farm at the OC Fair & Event Center.

Livestock Judge