Fine Art Judge Laurelin Gilmore

Laurelin Gilmore

Laurelin Gilmore is best known for her fantasy oil paintings that blend
animal or insect attributes with the human form. More recently, her work
blends the subject and the environment itself. The artist uses realism to
invite the viewer to suspend disbelief, and fantasy elements to expand on
themes of feminine power, the habitation of the planet, and of the body.
She says, “I’m interested in the perceived separateness of humans and the
natural world from which we can’t actually divorce ourselves, the power and
beauty of aloneness, individuality, and the celebration of inherent human
power.” Though human beings have come to celebrate the potential of the
synthetic, the artist reminds us that we are still deeply connected to the

Though mostly self-taught, Ms. Gilmore earned an Associate of Fine Arts
degree from Sacramento City College where she studied painting,
portraiture and figure study. Her work has won awards from the
Sacramento Fine Art Center, the California State Fair and University Art.
She has been featured in many publications including the Sacramento
News & Review, Inside, Submerge, Dream Broad and Comstock’s
magazines. She has shown all over the United States, and her work was
recently featured on Showtime’s ‘The L Word: Generation Q’.
Laurelin is a painter, writer, mixed media artist, and sculptor. She is also
co-owner of the region’s only fine art book bookstore, Amatoria Fine Art
Books, in Midtown, Sacramento. She keeps a working studio at
Sacramento’s Verge Center for the Arts. She is represented by Artize
Gallery in LaQuinta, California.

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