Fine Art Judge Cheryl Gleason

Cheryl Gleason

Gleason’s journey from the natural beauty of Northern Idaho to her current role as Art Director and Curator at the MACC in Rancho Cordova is a testament to her passion for art and dedication to fostering cultural engagement within communities. Her diverse artistic background, spanning from architectural drafting to painting, ceramics, and printmaking reflects her deep-seated appreciation for various forms of creative expression.

Throughout her career, Gleason has been fortunate to learn from influential figure in the art world, including renowned artist and educators like Wayne Thiebaud, Squeak Carnwath, David Hollowell and Margarita Orozco (San Miguel de Allende). These experiences have undoubtedly shaped her artistic vision in her own work and approach to curation, instilling a commitment to innovation and storytelling.

As Art Director and Curator, Gleason has successfully curated over 55 exhibitions, showing a diverse range of artists and themes to resonate with the local community. From internationally acclaimed works by artists like David Hockney to poignant exhibitions such as Anne Frank, the Pulse Night Club: 49 Elegies, and Japanese Americans During WWII from the Smithsonian, Gleason has demonstrated her ability to create compelling and thought-provoking experiences for guest at the MACC.

Gleason’s own artistic practice is deeply rooted in her connection to nature and her experiences while traveling. Her abstract and nonrepresentative works serve as a reflection of her subconscious impression and memories, with a focus on harmonious color schemes and values. By employing a limited palette and allowing her unconscious mind to guide the creative process, Gleason creates artworks that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant. You can see her work on Instagram and Facebook @gleasongallery or her website

Woman posing in orange ceramic sticks