Commercial Wine Digital Award Seals


When downloading digital files of label designs  award recipient (AWARDEE) agrees that the California State Fair competition award artwork must only be used in connection with the product that received the specific award. The use of the award artwork in conjunction with other products is strictly prohibited.
AWARDEE agrees not to share artwork with unauthorized individuals, companies or organizations.

AWARDEE further agrees that the award artwork may not be used to disparage, bring into disrepute, or derogate the California State Fair or its competitions.

AWARDEE also agrees not to use the artwork in any way that may possibly diminish or damage the goodwill of the California State Fair including without limitation uses that could be deemed to be obscene, pornographic, sexual, or violent, or to encourage unlawful activities.

AWARDEE may not alter the appearance of the artwork.

AWARDEE may not incorporate the artwork into any service mark/logo

Double Gold




Best of California

Best of Show

Best of Region