Horses are shown by exhibitors at the California State Fair and can be found in the Cavalcade Arena.


When can you find them at the Fair?

The 2020 CA State Fair & Food Festival has been cancelled due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19. We are planning to make the 2021 CA State Fair & Food Festival the best one yet and we hope to see you there!

Person riding a horse



Quick Facts


  • Equine: Scientific Name
  • Foal: Offspring / Newborn
  • Filly: Young Female
  • Mare: Mature Female
  • Colt: Young Male
  • Stallion: Mature Male
  • Gelding: Castrated Male
  • Team: Group of Horses
  • Pony: Mature Horse, measuring less than 14.2 hands high
  • Hand: Measurement of Height for a Horse, one hand is equivalent to four (4) inches