Livestock Judge Emily Thompson-Healy

Emily Thompson-Healy, Modesto, CA

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Judge

Emily Thompson-Healy grew up raising dairy goats from the age of 6 years old. Her brother got interested in goats by visiting the livestock barns right here at the California State Fair. Back when the UC Davis students let the public milk a goat or a cow, Emily told the vet student that she wanted a MaMancha. Well, her brother had other plans and the family invested in Alpines. As Emily got old enough to be an active participant, she added Toggenburgs to the herd and explored the world of Recorded Grades. She has also raised and shown her own market lambs, registered Southdown sheep, and registered Duroc hogs.

Emily has participated in various dairy goat related competitions both locally and across the country. She was honored to serve as the American Dairy Goat Association Youth Representative in 2013-2014. She attended Modesto Jr College and is currently working as a veterinary pharmacy technician for Sylvan Veterinary Group in Modesto, Ca.

Emily was awarded her ADGA apprentice judge’s license at the 2021 convention in Tucson, Arizona but still finds time to work with her herd of dairy goats, which she currently shares with the rest of her family. The herd now includes: Alpine, Toggenburg, Sable, Lamancha, Recorded Grade and Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Emily Thompson-Healy