California Commercial Beer 2017 Results

Standard American Beer1Coronado Brewing CompanyAmerican LagerSeacoast Pilsner
Standard American Beer2Loma Brewing CompanyAmerican Wheat BeerNo Oranges Allowed
Standard American Beer3North Park Beer Co.Cream AleCovington Cream Ale
International Lager1Artifex Brewing CompanyInternational Pale LagerArtifexican
International Lager2Phantom AlesInternational Amber LagerSavanah Sunset Lager
International Lager3Naughty Oak Brewing CompanyInternational Pale LagerChela Mexican Lager
Czech Lager1Fort Rock BrewingCzech Pale LagerBent Pipe Pilsner
Czech Lager2Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.Czech Pale LagerParadise Road Pilsner
Czech Lager3North Park Beer Co.Czech Premium Pale LagerBird Park
Pale Malty European Lager1Loma Brewing CompanyHelles BockSummer Is Coming
Pale Malty European Lager2New Helvetia Brewing CompanyMunich HellesBuffalo Craft Lager
Pale Malty European Lager3Device Brewing Co.Munich HellesIn the Afterglow
Pale Bitter European Beer1Blue Note BrewingGerman LeichtbierHeidi
Pale Bitter European Beer2South Park Brewing CompanyKolschHere N Gone
Pale Bitter European Beer3Bear Republic Brewing CompanyGerman PilsDouble Aught
Amber Malty European Lager1Rip Current Brewing CompanyDunkles BockBreakline Bock
Amber Malty European Lager2Intergalactic Brewing CompanyMarzenGalactoberFest
Amber Malty European Lager3New Helvetia Brewing CompanyMarzenZeppelbrau Bavarian Fest Lager
Amber Bitter European Beer1Benoit Casper Brewing Co.Vienna LagerVienna Lager
Amber Bitter European Beer2Tap It Brewing Co.KellerbierHelles Bueno
Amber Bitter European Beer3Ol’ Republic BreweryAltbierFrontier Amber
Dark European Lager1Babe’s Bar-B-Que/BrewhouseSchwarzbierBabe’s Blackfin Lager
Dark European Lager2Lassen Ale WorksSchwarzbierBlack Lightning
Dark European Lager3Eppig BrewingSchwarzbierNatural Bridge: Schwarzbier
Strong European Beer1Crooked Lane Brewing CompanyDoppelbockWobblor
Strong European Beer2Dust Bowl Brewing Co.Baltic PorterPublic Enemy
Strong European Beer3Duck Foot Brewing CoBaltic PorterLondon Calling
German Wheat Beer1Sudwerk Brewing CompanyWeissbierHefeweizen
German Wheat Beer2Faultline Brewing CompanyWeissbierHefe Weizen
German Wheat Beer3Hop Dogma Brewing CompanyWeissbierHonk If You’re Heffy
British Bitter1Magnolia Brewing CompanyOrdinary BitterNew Speedway Bitter
British Bitter2Intergalactic Brewing CompanyBest BitterRed Shirt #30
British Bitter3Three Forks Bakery/Brewing CompanyStrong BitterExtra Sensory Beerception ESB
Pale Commonwealth Beer1Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.English IPAHoppy Poppy IPA
Pale Commonwealth Beer2Absolution Brewing CompanyEnglish IPAAngel’s Demise
Pale Commonwealth Beer3Morgan Territory BrewingBritish Golden AleNo Regerts
Brown British Beer1Loomis Basin BrewingBritish Brown AleSt. Pattys Brown
Brown British Beer2Draughtsmen AleworksEnglish PorterMeat and Potatoes
Brown British Beer3Berryessa Brewing CompanyDark MildWhippersnapper
Scottish Ale1Island Brewing CompanyScottish ExportJubilee Ale
Scottish Ale2Absolution Brewing CompanyScottish ExportKelpie Stranger
Scottish Ale3Three Mile Brewing CompanyScottish ExportPortland Dark
Irish Beer1Draughtsmen AleworksIrish Red AleCrimson and Clover
Irish Beer2Gunwhale AleworksIrish StoutShell maker
Irish Beer3Escape Craft BreweryIrish Red AleIrish Crossfit
Dark British Beer1Ballast Point Brewing CompanyForeign Extra StoutBallast Point Russian Imperial Stout
Dark British Beer2Triple Rock Brewing Co.Tropical StoutTropical Stout
Dark British Beer3Feather Falls Brewing Co.Sweet StoutVolcano Mudslide Sweet Stout
Strong British Ale1Eel River BrewingEnglish BarleywineTriple Exultation
Strong British Ale2Crooked Lane Brewing CompanyOld AleThe Gnarly Goat (2017)
Strong British Ale3EJ Phair Brewing CompanyBritish Strong AleShorty’s Revenge
Pale American Ale1Three Mile Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleMoMosaic Pale Ale
Pale American Ale2Moonraker Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleGoofy Foot
Pale American Ale3Barebottle Brewing Co.American Pale AleScurvy Fighter
Blonde Ale1Flatland Brewing CoBlonde AlePilsnerish
Blonde Ale2Madewest Brewing CompanyBlonde AleMadewest Standard
Blonde Ale3La Quinta Brewing Co.Blonde AlePoolside Blonde
Amber and Brown American Beer1Brewyard Beer CompanyCalifornia CommonJewel City Common
Amber and Brown American Beer2Claimstake Brewing Co.American Amber AleBill’s Red
Amber and Brown American Beer3Heroes Restaurant And BreweryAmerican Amber AleRed Tractor Ale
American Porter and Stout1Pizza Port Brewing Co. – Ocean BeachAmerican StoutA.B.L.E.
American Porter and Stout2Ohana Brewing CompanyAmerican StoutBlack Coral
American Porter and Stout3Mammoth Brewing CompanyAmerican PorterDouble Nut Brown
Imperial Stout1Moonraker Brewing CompanyImperial StoutWicked Whisper
Imperial Stout2Smog City BrewingImperial StoutThe Nothing
Imperial Stout3Hermitage Brewing CompanyImperial StoutHermitage Two Tun
Specialty IPA1Coronado Brewing CompanySpecialty IPAWaylaid White IPA
Specialty IPA2Knee Deep Brewing CompanySpecialty IPATrip Hop
Specialty IPA3Kern River Brewing CompanySpecialty IPAShuttle Bunny
American IPA1Loma Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAppeasement
American IPA2Beachwood BrewingAmerican IPAAmalgamator
American IPA3River City Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAcap city I.P.A. 2.0
Strong American Ale1Santa Clara Valley BrewingAmerican Strong AleNew Almaden Imperial Red Ale
Strong American Ale2State Room BreweryAmerican BarleywineUncle John’s Barleywine
Strong American Ale3Bootlegger’s BreweryAmerican Strong AleKnuckle Sandwich
Imperial IPA1Karl Strauss Brewing CompanyDouble IPABig Barrel IIPA
Imperial IPA2Moonraker Brewing CompanyDouble IPAAll Hops On Deck
Imperial IPA3Drake’s Brewing Co.Double IPADenogginizer
European Sour Ale1Sudwerk Brewing CompanyOud BruinUncle Fester
European Sour Ale2Mraz Brewing CompanyLambicDrinking with Friends
European Sour Ale3Pure ProjectFlanders Red AleRoes Red
Belgian Ale1Ferment.Drink.RepeatWitbierWit Love
Belgian Ale2Ballast Point Brewing CompanyWitbierWahoo
Belgian Ale3Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyWitbierPropagator Wit
Strong Belgian Ale1Henhouse BrewingBelgian Golden Strong AleHenHouse Golden
Strong Belgian Ale2Babe’s Bar-B-Que/BrewhouseBelgian Blond AleBabe’s Belgian Vanilla Blonde Ale
Strong Belgian Ale3The Monk’s CellarSaisonSaison
Trappist Ale1Jackrabbit Brewing CompanyBelgian Dark Strong AleSquare Hare
Trappist Ale2Tilted Mash BrewingBelgian Dark Strong AleBelgian In A Strange Land
Trappist Ale3Faultline Brewing CompanyBelgian DubbelBelgian Abbey
Historical Beer1Fogbelt Brewing Co.Historical BeerZephyr Apricot Gose
Historical Beer2Absolution Brewing CompanyHistorical BeerAnniversary Ale
Historical Beer3Ballast Point Brewing CompanyHistorical BeerBallast Point Gose
American Wild Ale1Almanac Beer CoWild Specialty BeerApricot de Brettaville
American Wild Ale2Almanac Beer CoBrett BeerCherry Picker
American Wild Ale3Lucky Devil Brewing CompanyMixed-Fermentation Sour BeerOud Framboise
Fruit Beer1Garage Brewing CoSpecialty Fruit BeerChocolate Cherry Milk Stout
Fruit Beer2Smog City BrewingFruit BeerKumquat Saison
Fruit Beer3Acoustic AlesFruit BeerStrawberry Blondie San Diego Style Blonde w/ Fresh Strawberries
Spiced Beer1Rip Current Brewing CompanySpice/Herb/Vegetable BeerJava Storm
Spiced Beer2Angel City BrewerySpice/Herb/Vegetable BeerOolong Saison
Spiced Beer3Danville Brewing CompanyWinter Seasonal BeerOatmeal Raisin Cookie
Alternative Fermentables Beer1Monkey Paw Brewing Company/CoBrewer: Social KitchenAlternative Grain BeerWheat Is Murder
Alternative Fermentables Beer2Coronado Brewing CompanyAlternative Sugar BeerOrange Ave Wit
Alternative Fermentables Beer3New Helvetia Brewing CompanyAlternative Sugar BeerB-Squad Blonde Ale
Smoked Beer1Timeless Pints Brewing CompanyClassic Style Smoked BeerA Taste of Fate
Smoked Beer2Gunwhale AlesSpecialty Smoked BeerOld racketee
Smoked Beer3Arts District Brewing CompanyClassic Style Smoked BeerCowboy Curtis
Wine Barrel and Wood Aged Beer1Out Of Bounds Brewing CoSpecialty Wood-Aged BeerBoundless Barrel Aged Hurly Burly Barleywine
Wine Barrel and Wood Aged Beer2Heroes Restaurant And BrewerySpecialty Wood-Aged BeerJack Creeks Red Tractor Ale
Wine Barrel and Wood Aged Beer3Ritual Brewing Co.Specialty Wood-Aged BeerBarrel-Aged Hellion
Spirit Barrel-Aged Beer1Firestone Walker Brewing CompanySpirit Barrel-Aged BeerStickee Monkee
Spirit Barrel-Aged Beer2Santa Clara Valley BrewingSpirit Barrel-Aged BeerLoma Prieta Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Spirit Barrel-Aged Beer3Beachwood BBQ/BrewingSpirit Barrel-Aged BeerBarrelogenesis
Specialty Beer1South Park Brewing Company/CoBrewer: Monkey Paw And Pink Boot SocietyMixed-Style BeerHerb and Honey
Specialty Beer2Almanac Beer CoExperimental BeerPassion Project
Specialty Beer3Beachwood BrewingExperimental BeerSystem of a Stout
New England IPA/Vermont IPA1South Park Brewing CompanyNew England IPA/Vermont IPA (Hazy IPA)Yacht Rock
New England IPA/Vermont IPA2Madewest Brewing CompanyNew England IPA/Vermont IPA (Hazy IPA)Madewest Poli
New England IPA/Vermont IPA3Moonraker Brewing CompanyNew England IPA/Vermont IPA (Hazy IPA)Citra Crush
Session Beer <5% A.B.V.1Burgeon Beer CompanySession Beer <5% A.B.V.Noble Miner
Session Beer <5% A.B.V.2Eppig BrewingSession Beer <5% A.B.V.Natural Bridge: Zwickelbier
Session Beer <5% A.B.V.3Pizza Port Brewing Co. – Ocean BeachSession Beer <5% A.B.V.Guillaume
Chili Beer1Alosta Brewing CoChili BeerMacho Ancho
Chili Beer2Berryessa Brewing CoChili BeerTorta Truck
Chili Beer3Yolo Brewing CompanyChili BeerCousins
Brewery of the YearLoma Brewing Company
Best of Show1Flatland Brewing CoBlonde AlePilsnerish
Best of Show2Crooked Lane Brewing CompanyDoppelbockWobblor
Best of Show3Almanac Beer CoWild Specialty BeerApricot de Brettaville