Light Up Toys

Celebrate Halloween with these family-friendly light up toys. Purchase them, along with your CA State Fair Food Festival To-Go meals!

Super Bright Wands. Girl holding two light up wands

Super Bright Wand

Multiple light modes. Available in green and blue.
Girl holding Unicorn Wand

Unicorn Wand

Multi-light up unicorn wand.
Girl holding two Star Wands

Star Wand

Mini light up star wand.
Girl holding two Pixel Wands and 3 pixel wands in the lower right corner

Pixel Wand

Light up pixel wand available in blue, red, and green.
Girl holding a Double Pirate Wand

Double Pirate Wand

Multiple light modes & can be separated into two pieces.
Girl Holding Blue Princess Wand

Blue Princess Wand

Light up with optional sound.
Girl holding two Bubble Blowers

Bubble Blower

Includes bubbles.
Girl holding blow up Peppa Pig

Peppa The Pig

Blow up pig doll (does not light up).
Girly holding Unicorn Doll

Unicorn Doll

Blow up unicorn doll (does not light up).