Find Toytopia in Expo Center Building 6

Toytopia visitors learn about the origins of toys, who made them, and why they are fun and dear to us. They discover why some toys succeeded and some failed, as well as which toys have become collector’s items and why.


Retro Games

Toytopia is not just about toys. Real working video arcade games from the 1970s and 80s are available for play. There’s also a life-size dollhouse!

Life-sized Playground

Toytopia satisfies the curiosity of visitors of all ages with beautiful, compelling, and informative displays. Photo opportunities include a Monopoly car token big enough to sit in and the world’s largest Etch-A-Sketch, standing at 8’ high.

History of Toys

Stage Nine proudly partners with several key players in the toy industry, such as Hasbro, Schylling, Schleich, Crayola, and Ohio Art, which gives this exhibit unprecedented access to a vast collection of rare artifacts, stories, information, and interactive elements.

Toytopia is an exhibit presented by Stage 9 Exhibits.