Corn Dog Eating Contest

Sponsored by Milo’s Corn Dogs & Pizza

Molly Schuyler wins the competition

Put your corn dog eating skills to the test and compete for a first-place cash prize!

Prize Money

1st Place: $2,500

2nd Place: $2,000

3rd Place: $1,000

4th Place: $500

5th Place: $100

Contestants will be eating turkey corn dogs.

At the Sky River Casino Promenade Stage on Friday, July 22, at 6 pm

At the Sky River Casino Promenade Stage on Saturday, July 23, at 6 pm

Registration is now closed.

All contestants must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Contest is limited to 50 participants.


1. Molly Schuyler (Harwood, MD): 30.5 corn dogs
2. Dan Kennedy (West Decatur, PA): 28 corn dogs
3. Tom Shelton (Plumas Lake, CA): 10 corn dogs
4. Tom Greene; (Sacramento, CA): 8 corn dogs
5. Larry Pitts (Sacramento, CA): 6.5 corn dogs
6. Henry Neary (Sacramento, CA): 5.75 corn dogs
7. Trevor Davis (Carmichael, CA): 4.5 corn dogs
8. Matthew Blom (Rancho Cordova, CA): Disqualified

Contestants beginning the race to eat the most corndogs