CA State Fair Author’s Box

The California Authors Booth, at the CA State Fair, has been highlighting New York Times Bestselling California authors in person for years! Bring the nostalgia of the Fair to your front door with a CA State Fair Authors Box online! Read more about the history of the California Authors Booth down below.

Pre-order your box now, so you can watch your book being signed during the California State Fair Virtual Author Signing on Tuesday, August 25th via a live video on the California State Fair Facebook page or the Author Brenda Novak Facebook page at 6:00 p.m. PDT/9:00 p.m. EDT.

Books resting in the corner of a couch with a container of popcorn. Bookshelf in background with books.

California State Fair Box – $75.00

Here’s what’s included in the CA State Fair Box:

  • Two autographed books: One Perfect Summer by Brenda Novak and your choice of 2nd book
  • One sterling silver “Love Wins” heart-shaped necklace to remind us that we’ll get through these difficult times together
  • A coin of yummy popcorn
  • A California magnet to give your refrigerator a little extra personality
  • One Garlic Dip packet from Seasonal Selection – they’ve been at the CA State Fair for 35 years!
  • One CA State Fair pen – perfect for note-taking!
  • CA State Fair’s Guide to the Best of California Award-Winning Wine, Beer, Cheese, & Olive Oil
  • Ticket with each author’s signature printed on it

CA State Fair Virtual Author Signing

Anyone can tune in to the CA State Fair Virtual Author Signing on Facebook but it would be more fun if you watched YOUR book being signed by these famous authors!

There are two options to participate:

  1. Purchase a CA State Fair Box with two books (plus all the goodies!) for $75 a box
  2. Purchase a single book from your choice of author, $20-30 depending on the book

In the Author’s Virtual Booth will be #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter and New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak! ML Hamilton, Naida West, Cindy Sample, and Christine Villa will be remote signing.

Purchase your book here and watch it being signed virtually on the California State Fair Facebook page or the Author Brenda Novak Facebook page. You will also get a ticket with each author’s signature as a keepsake AND the first 100 orders will be personalized.

About the Authors

Learn more about these featured authors below and read summaries for the books being offered in the California State Fair Box!

Brenda Novak portrait

Brenda Novak

Author of One Perfect Summer
Catherine Coulter portrait

Catherine Coulter

Author of Deadlock
ML Hamilton portrait

ML Hamilton

Author of Cappucino
Naida West portrait

Naida West

Author of Rest for the Wicked
Cindy Sample portrait

Cindy Sample

Author of Dying for a Date
Christine Villa portrait

Christine Villa

Author of Zoobooloo

History of the California Author’s Booth

The Authors Booth at the CA State Fair began in 1999, the sesquicentennial of the 1849 Gold Rush. Sales of my history novel, River of Red Gold, were surging and I wanted to have a booth at the gold-rush-themed Fair. But the fee was too high for a single author, so I called Alton Pryor, a man I had seen selling his Gold Rush book at various venues. We worked out a plan to include other authors with books about California history. I wrote a proposal, and Fair officials accepted it. That became the basis of an annual contract for the next 21 years. Only one significant change has been made: book content is not limited to California history.

Authors standing behind a booth and meeting readers while doing book signings.

Alton and I grew older, as people do, and we needed organizational help. Michelle Hamilton took over the volunteer job. Like us, Michelle had published one book when she started but now has many more, in three genres.

The primary mission of the Booth is for authors to visit with fairgoers about writing and publishing. For that reason, our location has always been in the A/B building, which features educational matters of public interest. All book genres are accepted for display and sale, with the exception of those that are political, religious, or prurient. We believe that a book should be judged by its quality, not the size of its publisher.

-Naida West, Author and Publisher

More California Authors

Want to meet more authors from the California Author’s Booth? Here are more great California authors!

Lady standing in front of a bookcase. Portrait of R. Franklin James

R. Franklin James

Author of The Appraiser
Ronald Javor portrait

Ronald Javor

Author of Bailey’s Path
Lady standing in front of a stone staircase. Photo of Elaine Russell

Elaine Russell

Author of In the Company of Like-Minded Women
Margaret Duarte portrait

Margaret Duarte

Author of Between Will and Surrender